For Your Home or Business: Steel and Metal Doors Painted

A refinished exterior steel door adds great curb appeal to any home or business entryway.

A refinished exterior steel door adds great curb appeal to any home or business entryway.
Making renovations to your home or commercial property? Need a change of color or refresher coat for your exterior metal or steel doors? Steel and Metal doors can be difficult to paint using most commonly available household tools such as rollers or brushes. Often the paint goes on too thick or streaking and brush marks show too readily.

Let Wantagh Auto Body professionally paint your steel or metal doors. First we thoroughly clean the surface to remove any dirt, dust, or oils that could ruin the finish, then we apply any of a range of colors in our waterborne basecoat collection.

Call Wantagh Auto Body at (516) 826-6464 for a free consultation on having your metal or steel doors repainted and refinished.

Why Should You Have Your Doors Professionally Painted When You Could Do It Yourself?

A bold and striking finished metal door adds a modern touch to any interior.

There's Only So Many Hours in a Day. When and where will you find the time to get the job done? This weekend? Next weekend? Next month? Doesn't it always seem like something else seems to come up? The wedding, the ballgame, the school meeting, the looming office deadline, tax season – you get the idea. You can tell yourself you will eventually get to it, but you could have contracted the paint job and had it completed by now.

It's A Skill; It's An Art. How often do you really paint? Once a year, once every 5 years? We are painting every day, practically around the clock, so we have the skills and they're sharp, and we have all the necessary tools and to get the job done. We know what is entailed in every step of the job.

Keeps You and Your Family or Guests Healthy. All the paint and chemicals are in our shop and come no where near your home, your family, your kids, and your pets. So you avoid contact with all the fumes and chemicals that you'd be breathing if you were to tackle the paint job yourself.

We have thousands of colors to choose from for painting your metal doors.

Safe and Clean. Accidents happen. How much will the emergency room visit cost you when you slip in the paint puddle you made on the floor? Stay healthy, stay safe, and let a professional assume the risk.

No Clean-up. Let's face it. This is possibly the worse job when painting, and it s the most likely time for an accidnet to occur because you're so happy and maybe even rushed now that you think the job is finally done, aand you've let down your guard. A professional will safely dispose of toxic items as well as any residue that may remain from the job, including those little "whoops" that were made along the way.

We Don't Buy the Cheap Stuff. The end result is the cornerstone of our business. We don't cut corners becuas eit would show, so we will always use the best tools and the best materials. After all, we hope you'll be so happy with the results that you'll tell your friends and neighbors about us.

Hire A Professional! Call Wantagh Auto Body now at (516) 826-6464. Enjoy the time you've saved by having us paint your steel or metal doors.

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