Auto Body Collision Repair

We return your car to its pre-collsion state or better.

Today's cars come with more integrated electronics and safety equipment than ever before. Now, auto body collision repair technicians require greater skill in order to repair these systems — air bags, rear view cameras, collision systems, and enhanced visibilty and night vision systems to name a few.

At Wantagh Auto Body, our collision repair technicians are carefully trained and certified to fully and expertly rebuild and repair your car after a crash.

Your car's performance, its steering, its handling, its general operation and appearance will be restored to its pre-accident condition or better.

Car Repair Welding. Proper welding is critical to car repair. Replacement parts must be welded with updated MIG welding techniques and equipment to protect their structural integrity. We are motivated to provide the best in customer satisfaction and referrals, which makes You our number one priority. All the skill and attention to detail is applied to every job we take on.

Car-O-Liner unibody frame straightening equipment
Mechanical components need to be aligned to the car body and frame.We use world recognized Car-O-Liner products.

Car being painted and refinished
We can match most any color, new or old.

Mechanicals. With today's cars, all mechanical components — such as the wheels, steering assembly , and suspension — are attached to the car's body and frame. As such, their position in relation to the engine, transmission and axles is critical.

For mechanical alignments we use Car-O-Liner products as they are well known for their high quality, advanced technology and design. It is the best made collision repair equipment and the most productive. It provides the best, most accurate results and complete customer satisfaction.

Fit & Finish. We help maintain your car's value by restoring it to its pre-accident appearance or better. We will carefully align all exterior panels to ensure that the seams between the hood, fenders, grill and bumpers are true to factory specifications. Then we apply advanced color matching technology to the finish.

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We are committed to excellence with 50 years experience in auto collison, restoration, and repairs. Stop by or call for a free estimate. We look forward to serving you, your family, and your car.

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