Minor Car Accident? Should You Repair the Damage?

You've had an accident, and the damage seems minor, and you're considering to "leave it be" and not get it repaired.

It's understandable. Many people think the same way you are right now. Often, if a car is damaged in a "minor fender bender", owners choose to ignore the situation, ignore the damage, and avoid getting body repair, and instead they just focus on the air conditioner, the lights, the radiator, and the mechanical. It's a tempting solution, especially in this economy, to ignore the repair and continue driving the vehicle so long as driveability is not affected.

But you should seriously take you and your family's personal safety into consideration in this matter. Most cars built in the last 15 to 20 years have a lot of integrated electronics, sensors, and safety equipment. Just open the hood of your car and look at all the wires crawling across every part of your engine. You might even find two fuse boxes under the hood, plus the one inside between your driver door and steering wheel. Many of these wires connect to safety equipment: hazard lights, air bag sensors, ABS braking systems (anti-lock braking systems), collision avoidance and reduction sensors, and more. Most of these items are connected to body panels and adjacent frame members; neglecting "minor damage" can have a serious negative effect on these your safety systems.

Safety is the most important concern, especially for families. Everyone should feel safe while driving their car. And no one, specially a parent, should ever have to wonder about the safety of their family in the car, not even for a second. Even seemingly minor damage can cause a loss of structural integrity and system responsiveness. So even the most minor dent should be looked at by a professional to asses its effect on your car's safety. Any reputable shop will look over and asses the damage to your vehicle for free.

What parts of the car's body are most important?

Body repair isn't just cosmetic, not today, and not yesterday. Even paint does more than provide an appealing color. Paint protects your car's metal panels; and these panels protect a web of wires and sensors underneath and within your car's passenger compartment. Unrepaired paint deteriorates faster, causing premature rust and body panel failure. This puts you and your passengers at risk long before the car's expected lifespan. (Many cars today, properly cared for and maintained, can last 200,000 to 300,000 miles. That's 15 years or more for the average driver!)

The bumpers, the first line of defense, is particularly important. Ignoring body repair or a getting the minimum repair job done, can create additional — or more — potentially critical safety problems. Bumpers play a vital role in ensuring family car safety. Most bumpers today are just light steel members covered with foam filler and plastic covering. Poor or neglected repairs can alter the deployment of your air bags. An impact over 5mph can structurally affect that part and diminish the safety provided by the bumper should the vehicle become involved in an accident again.

Bumper repair is less expensive and may be just as effective as replacement, and It's better for the environment considering the bulk of the bumper is non-biodegradable foam and plastic. A proper quality repair job makes the most sense. It's essential to use high strength steel and other best-quality materials to restore your bumper's, and vehicle's, structural integrity.

Quick fix welds will likely cause trouble down, even if they appear okay at first. Specialized modern repair tools, equipment, and techniques are vital, and often not as expensive as one might expect. Be aware that not all body repair shops are fully up-to-date. (Nearly one third aren't according to basecoat finish manufacturer BASF.)

Yes, getting estimates can be a pain, but it will provide the confidence and peace of mind you need after accident. You won't have to wonder, "What would they have told me?" So contact a clean shop that has a knowledgeable staff. One that isn't "pushy", but is willing you provide you with the necessary information to make your own informed decision.

  • Get referrals from your friends, car dealer, Better Business Bureau, AAA, or insurance company.
  • Find a shop that offers a warranty, and inspect the work closely before paying.
  • Proper repairs may cost more to get, right away, but "saving money" with faulty repairs or no repair could seriously reduce family car safety. Remember: Affordability is relative.

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